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    Taming is a skill in McMMO. As your level increases, your wolves will gain abilities that increase damage, defense and other things.

    To learn this skill, or any of the abilities below speak to The Ranger - Ranger Pierson in your nation Spawn.


    The skill of Taming is leveled, by taming different animals, and by your tamed animals damage caused.

    Animal Experience
    Wolf 200
    Horse 400
    Cat 400

    Automatic Abilities

    Beast Lore

    Level 1

    This skill allows you to inspect your wolves, horses or ocelots by left-clicking them with a bone. Note that left-clicking with anything else will damage your wolf, horse or ocelot.

    Call of the Wild

    Level 250

    Summons an animal to your side. To use it hold 10 bones for a wolf, 10 raw fish for an ocelot or 10 apples for a horse and then left click into the air while sneaking (holding shift).

    Mobs summoned with "Call of the Wild" will be named in accordance to your in game name. For example, if your name in Minecraft was "Steve" then your wolf will be named "Steve's wolf."

    Call of the Wild will not work if you or anyone else has an existing wolf within 40 blocks of you

    Environmentally Aware

    Level 250

    This skill grants your summoned wolves the ability of teleporting to you when nearing cacti or lava. This also allows your wolf to be immune to fall damage. It is a hidden skill that improves the usefulness of wolves drastically.

    Chosen Abilities

    You will be able to select 3 abilities for your tamed wolves at level 250


    Level 250

    Whenever tamed wolves attack a target, there is a chance that they will inflict a critical strike that applies bleed.

    Level Chance %
    250 6.25%
    500 12.5%
    750 18.75%
    1000 25%


    Level 250

    When dogs attack there is a 10% chance of knock back.

    Fast Food Service

    Level 250

    Fast Food Service gives a 25% chance for your wolves to heal on attack, and to give you minor food.

    Thick Fur

    Level 250

    With Thick Fur, your wolves take 1/2 damage. Though the plugin says that your wolf will get fire resistance, this is not true. Your wolf will just teleport to you if he was hit by fire or lava (bows with the flame enchantment and swords with fire aspect will not make your wolf teleport). A great boost to your wolves survivability.

    Holy Hound

    Level 250

    Holy Hound causes your wolves to be healed when hurt by poison or magic.

    Shock Proof

    Level 250

    Shock Proof causes your wolves to take 1/6 damage from explosions.

    Sharpened Claws

    Level 250

    Sharpened Claws makes your wolves deal an extra 2 damage per hit, instead of the normal 4 damage (2 hearts), they will deal 6 damage (3 hearts).

    Level 1000 - SPECIALTY

    2 extra abilities

    To specialize in Taming you get the choice of 2 additional abilities to prepare for battle!

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