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    The Herbalism skill offers extra drops and automatic crop planning, saving time and effort. It also has some interesting sub-skills, such as being able to add moss to cobblestone and stone bricks.

    To learn this skill, or any of the abilities below speak to The Artisan - Master Angelo in your Nation's Spawn.


    The base skill of Herbalism is trained by breaking blocks & crops. You will gain experience based upon the block or crop you break! Check out the chart below, to see how much XP is given for each block.

    Block or Crop XP Block or Crop XP Block or Crop XP
    Crimson Roots 7 XP Warped Roots 7 XP Weeping Vines 4 XP
    Crimson Fungus 7 XP Warped Fungus 7 XP Twisting Vines 4 XP
    Nether Wart Block 10 XP Warped Wart Block 10 XP Nether Sprouts 7 XP
    Shroom Lights 50 XP Allium 10 XP Azure Bluet 10 XP
    Blue Orchid 10 XP Lilac 10 XP Orange Tulip 10 XP
    Oxeye Daisy 10 XP Peony 10 XP Pink Tulip 10 XP
    Poppy 10 XP Red Tulip 10 XP Rose Tulip 10 XP
    Rose Bush 10 XP Sunflower 10 XP White Tulip 10 XP
    Dandelion 10 XP Cornflower 10 XP Lily of the Valley 10 XP
    Wither Rose 10 XP Bamboo 1 XP Vine 2 XP
    Lily Pad 2 XP Sugar Cane 2 XP Fern 6 XP
    Large Fern 8 XP Grass 2 XP Tall Grass 4 XP
    Brown Mushroom 4 XP Red Mushroom 4 XP Pumpkin 4 XP
    Melon 4 XP Dead Bush 2 XP Netherwart 5 XP
    Wheat 3 XP Beetroot 3 XP Potato 3 XP
    Carrot 3 XP Cocoa 3 XP Cactus 5 XP
    Chorus Flower 5 XP Chorus Plant 1 XP Kelp 1 XP
    Kelp Plant 1 XP Seagrass 4 XP Tall Seagrass 4 XP
    Sweet Berry Bush 4 XP Bees Nest 50 XP Coral Blocks 15 XP
    Coral Fans 10 XP Coral Wall Fans 10 XP Dead Coral Blocks 15 XP
    Dead Coral Fans 10 XP Dead Coral Wall Fans 10 XP


    Hylian Luck

    Level 250

    Hylian Luck gives a small chance to obtain special items when certain blocks are broken with a sword.

    Level Chance %
    100 0.5%
    200 1%
    400 2%
    600 3%
    800 4%
    1000 5%

    Block Drops
      Melon Seeds
      Pumpkin Seeds
      Cocoa Beans
      Gold Nugget

    Farmers Diet

    Level 500

    This passive skill increases the amount of hunger that grown food will restore as the player's Herbalism level increases. One hunger is half of a piece of meat on the hunger bar.

    Level Bonus Hunger Restoration
    0-499 0
    500-599 1
    600-749 2
    750-899 3
    900-999 4
    1000+ 5

    Green Thumb

    Level 500

    Green Thumb has the ability to more rapidly progress the growth of all single-block crops. The skill curve roughly follows the equation based on this table: level*(13.3%/200)=chance where level is your herbalism level and chance is the odds for instant growth to that stage.

    Level Growth Stage Chance
    0-499 0 0%
    500-649 1 2.50% - 3.24%
    650-799 2 3.25 - 3.99%
    800-999 3 4.00 - 4.99%
    1000+ 4 5.00%

    Shroom Thumb

    Level 750

    Using a mushroom on a block of dirt while both a red and brown mushroom are in the inventory triggers "Shroom Thumb". It consumes a red and brown mushroom, and has a chance to turn the block of dirt into a block of mycelium. The chances of success increases with your Herbalism level.

    Level Chance
    0-499 0%
    500-749 0%
    750-799 7.5-7.99%
    800-999 8.00 - 9.99%
    1000+ 10.00%


    Level 1000

    Green Terra

    With a hoe equipped, right-clicking empty farmland and breaking a plant or crop after will activate the super move Green Terra. It will last for 15 seconds hand will have a cooldown of 240 seconds.

    While activated: High chance to triple all drops from harvested plants or crops, including seeds. For farming, a potential to replant numerous seeds for free during the skill duration, saving time and seeds. Additionally, consumes 1 Wheat Seed to convert one of the following blocks: Cobblestone into Mossy Cobblestone, Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick, Dirt into Grass.

    Be mindful that if the hoe in use is unequipped, the skill will immediately stop and undergo the full cooldown.

    Double Drops

    This skill doubles the drops obtained from crops and plants. In the stats menu, however, the increased percentage will only be visible every 100 levels due to flooring.

    Level Chance
    1000 13.33%
    1100 14.66%
    1200 16%
    1300 17.33%
    1400 18.66%
    1500 20.00%
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