Skies of Imperia - Rules

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  • Skies of Imperia Rules​

    Section 1 - General Gameplay​

    Clause 1 - Griefing/Island Team​

    If you add someone to your island, you are responsible for any items, blocks or levels lost or gained due to adding this person... No grief reports will be allowed for skyblock.

    Clause 2 - AFKing and Alternate Accounts​

    Clause 2.1 - AFKing​

    AFKing, your account on your island, or another player's island with or without permission is not allowed. You will be teleported to spawn if you are AFK for 10m or more

    Clause 2.2 - Alternate Accounts​

    A player may not have additional accounts on skyblock. Interactions between alternate accounts are NOT ALLOWED.
    An alternative account is defined as an account being used primarily for a purpose besides actively playing or a secondary account for someone with a primary account that is used for play.
    Using multiple accounts to gain gameplay advantage or financial advantage is strictly against server rules.
    Using an alternative account to bypass a mute or ban on Imperia Services.

    Clause 2.3 - Autofarming/Autogeneration of Money​

    Any system by which you can generate money/items without effort or while AFK.
    Automation through non hacked means is ALLOWED on the skyblock server. If you find a bug, or issue that seems to gain money/items at a rate faster than reasonable, you are required to report this, via Discord Ticket.

    Clause 3 - Lag Machines & Server lag​

    Any build or island that is causing the server to underperform or lag, will be removed and no items/blocks will be refunded to the owner. This includes a mass number of mobs, minecarts, and other server lag machines.
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