Tales of Imperia - Rules

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  • Main Server specific Rules

    Section 1 – General Gameplay​

    Clause 1 - Basic Protections​

    • Any area not requiring a user to add you to the region, will be unprotected. This means that area can legally be griefed. In order to live in a safe environment, you should contact a Landlord or higher to obtain a protected plot.
    • Items in unlocked chests are fair game. The staff will not act on any reports of theft related to an unlocked chest. Remember to use /lock and do not modify a player you do not trust to your chest as this is considered the same as an unlocked chest.

    Clause 2 - Trespassing​

    • Town owners may ban other players from their town for any reason, bar the Nation Leader. Refusing to comply with a ban from a town will be considered trespassing and is not allowed.

    Clause 3 - Market Place Rules​

    • Market Place Shops are rented to Colonists+ on 4 week leases. Each lease does end after 4 weeks.
    • The following rules, if broken, are grounds for immediate loss of your Market Shop with no refund:
    • Must have a minimum of 5 chest shops stocked at all times.
    • No lava, fire, vines, or water.
    • No naturally grown trees.

    Clause 4 - Griefing​

    Clause 4.1 - Definition of Grief​

    Grief is the breaking or placing of items/blocks in an area where you are not allowed to.
    Permission to break or place blocks comes from the owner of the region. This includes the Owner of the Nation, if it is a Nation Area, the Owner of the Town if it a town, or the Owner of the plot if it is a plot.
    Plots are defined as an area given by the owner of a region for another player to build.

    Clause 4.2 - Grief Rules​

    Grief is disallowed by default in Towns and Nation capitals*.
    Grief is allowed by default in the Nether, Mining World, the End, and unowned 'wild' land in the Nations. No action will be taken on grief in these worlds/areas.
    Any town member or Nation owner is free to file a grief report if they feel they have been griefed. Grief reports are handled by staff and depending on the severity of the grief, may result in a ban. For extremely severe cases, a rollback may be performed.
    Grief Reports may only be filed by the Town Owner/Region Owner or the Griefed Player.

    Clause 4.3 - Nation Grief Rules​

    If a Nation wishes to handle certain grief situations on their own, they may, however, the following rules apply:
    The Owner of the Town or the Player Griefed must be the one to report the issue to Nation Staff.
    Nation Staff must specify in their Nation Rules the punishment that will be given out for griefing.
    If a Grief Exceeds 500 Blocks, it must be reported to the server instead of the Nation Staff.

    Clause 5 - Autofarming/Autogeneration of Money​

    Any system by which you can generate money/items without effort or while AFK.
    Automation even through non hacked means, are not allowed. If you find a way to do so through normal means, please contact an Admin+.
    Doing this without reporting it, can result in an account wipe, reset, or even permanent removal from Tales of Imperia services.

    Clause 5.1 - Multi-Accounting​

    An alternative account is defined as an account being used primarily for a purpose besides actively playing or a secondary account for someone with a primary account that is used for play.
    Using multiple accounts to gain a gameplay advantage or financial advantage.
    Using an alternative account to bypass a mute or ban on Imperia Services.

    Clause 5.2 - Allowed use for Alternative Accounts​

    Alternative accounts may be used to AFK at a farm or spawner to load mobs/grow the farm.
    Any alternative accounts being used as 'farm loaders' or 'spawner loaders' cannot be used to play/earn money/own property to avoid possible confusion on a player gaining a financial advantage from their alternative account.
    Alternative accounts cannot be ranked up past Colonist.

    Clause 5.3 - Additional Disallowed uses for Alternative Accounts​

    Alternative accounts cannot be used to grief or troll on other Nations. Use of an alternative account for this will result in that account being banned.

    Section 2 - Nation Rules​

    Clause 1 - General Nation Rules​

    Nations are encouraged to create their own structures and governments. These governments should strive to avoid any references to hate groups historical or present. Although we encourage role playing, any use of these references in your government on Imperia, could result in the dissolution of your government.

    Clause 1.1 - Regulations for Nation Rules​

    • No Nation can create rules directed at infringing on the rights of specific individual players.
    • No Nation can overturn a rule created by the Server unless given specific permission via this document.
    • Nations may make murder illegal. If they do so, the server will only aid in the enforcement of Murder in a Non-PvP zone.

    Clause 1.2 - Posting of Nation Rules​

    • All Nation Rules need to be clearly and publicly posted in the Nation's Public Record. Enforcement of 'unwritten' rules is strictly prohibited.
    • Nation Rules can be changed only via the Nation Leader contacting Server Staff with a rule addition.

    Clause 1.3 - Nation Staff​

    • Are expected to enforce their Nation's rules fairly.
    • Any Nation whose staff abuse their powers and authority risks their government being forcibly reformed by the server staff.
    • Nation staff are not to enforce server rules, only Nation Rules, with the exception being Chat violations.
    • If a player violates a chat rule and a Nation Staff member has to mute them, they should then contact a Server Staff Member immediately so further action can be taken if necessary.

    Clause 2 - Nation/Nation Leader Abuse​

    • Abuse of Position for a Nation Leader is defined as using their power or authority to attack individuals wrongly. If they are doing this, please file an official complaint.
    • If their abuse includes, instead, making poor decisions or doing things for the Nation that you do not approve of, please refer to the section on overthrowing a leader and begin that process.
    Rule Exceptions
    • Any rule exceptions must be established in the Nation's Rules publicly. Exceptions can only be used on rules with asterisks. If you feel a rule should be able to be made an exception, please file a suggestion.

    Clause 3 - Nation Rule Violations​

    • Deportation will not be considered for violations that occurred over 2 weeks prior to the deportation request unless it is part of a series of violations.
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