Server F.A.Q.

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  • Here are some of the questions that get asked most about the server.
    If your question isn't answered here, you can look through the rest of the wiki, or ask a staff member in game.


    Q: How do I rank up?
    A: Once you gather enough money for one of our Ranks, submit a rank application on the forums. The first rank is Colonist and it costs $15k.
    Q: How do I get a town?
    A: Once you reach the Colonist rank (as outlined above), you need to earn 50k and apply for Landlord. Part of that application includes creating your town, so be sure to lay out the area you want to claim with signposts at each corner. For 25k extra you can expand your town from 100x100 to up to 200x200!
    Q: Who are staff?
    A: There is a list of current staff members on our forums​
    Q: How do I join staff?
    A: Staff requirements and basic info can be found on the forums. When applications are open, anyone ranked Colonist+ can apply to join the staff team. Staff applications are private and only viewable by staff members. However, there is a list of current applicants and if you have information you think could impact a particular staff application decision, there is a form to submit that information in a way that can only be seen by the server owners.
    Q: Can I be OP?
    A: No.
    Q: Who owns the server?

    Rules & Moderation​

    Q: What are the rules?
    A: Check out our Server Rules page.
    Q: What do I do if someone is breaking the rules?
    A: Gather evidence (screenshots, etc.) and file a complaint. If you see someone actively doing something, notify a member of staff who can come and assist you in the moment.
    Q: What do I do if I get griefed?
    A: File a grief report on the forums.
    Q: How do I appeal a ban/mute?
    A: Appeals are submitted on the forums.

    Feature Purchases​

    Q: How do I get access to special features?
    A: The wiki has information about features which can be purchased from our shop.
    Q: How do I get guards for my nation?
    A: Nation guards are coming soon!
    Q: How do I get NPCs in my nation?
    A: NPCs are coming soon!

    Server Basics​

    Q: Can I grief?
    A: Server Rules state that griefing is legal in any unprotected area. However, each nation has its own separate rules, and griefing may be illegal in your nation.
    Q: Is PvP enabled?
    A: PvP is enabled in the Nether and End worlds, and each Nation can decide whether to enable PvP in their Mining or even their Nation world! So check out your nation rules for specifics on this!
    Q: How can I protect my stuff?
    A: To protect a chest/door/furnace, do /lock and punch the block you want to protect. To protect a house/build, make sure to build it in a protected area (one where a user has to give you permission to build/break blocks). Always be sure to build according to our building rules.
    Q: How do I sell stuff using chests?
    A: We have Chestshops! Click Here to find out how to set up a chest shop for your needs!
    Q: What is the lottery?
    A: The lottery is a place where users can purchase tickets to enter a drawing for a prize. Every so often, a random lottery ticket is drawn, and the user with the winning ticket receives a prize based on the number of tickets bought for that lottery. Remember to never gamble more than you can afford to lose!
    Q: How do I get protected land?
    A: The ranks of Landlord, Mayor, & Governor, come with a protected town. There is more information about Imperia's Ranks here on the wiki.
    Q: How do I leave Imperia?
    A: Learn more about colonies and how to join them on our Getting Started page.

    Nation Basics​

    Q: How do I start a government?
    A: **Currently no new Colonies are being accepted** Once a Colony has 5 players ranked Colonist or higher, any member of that Colony can contact a staff member to set up a tournament to decide who should be the leader of the Colony.
    Q: How do I create a nation?
    A: The leader of a Colony with at least 9 players ranked Colonist or higher as well as one player ranked Landlord or higher can file an application on the forums to establish a Nation.
    Q: How do I become the ruler of a nation?
    A: When a Nation is created, it must have a Nation Leader specified. After a Nation has been created, any 3 members can contact an Owner via Forum PM to initiate an Overthrow.
    Q: How do I get more players in my nation?
    A: Players choose a Nation or Colony to join when they reach the Colonist rank, after which they can immigrate according to the immigration laws set by the various nations.
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