Purchasable Commands

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  • Purchasable Commands
    We have several commands that you can purchase from our Buycraft website, to make your life easier on Tales of Imperia.

    Strip - $5.00

    Strips any logs/wood in your HAND!​

    Strip+ - $5.00

    Strips all logs/wood in your INVENTORY!

    Lava Sponge - $5.00

    Allows you to sponge up lava, however, be warned, these sponges are known to turn to Obsidian when used on Lava (They're a bit flammable)​

    Lava Sponge+ - $5.00

    Makes your sponges fire proof so they won't turn into Obsidian when used on Lava! (They will still burn if you throw the item into lava)

    Smelt - $5.00

    Smelt any item in your HAND instantly, as long as the item is smeltable!

    Smelt+ - $5.00

    Smelt all items in your INVENTORY instantly, as long as the items are smeltable!

    Workbench - $5.00

    /workbench or /wb
    Tired of always needing a workbench in your inventory when working on projects? Skip all the hassle and buy this command to simplify your life and always have a workbench when you need it!​

    Anvil - $5.00

    Use this command to open up an anvil GUI, without needing an Anvil!​

    Anvil+ - $5.00

    Upgrade your /Anvil by buying Anvil+ This allows you to add colors and different font style to your items!​

    Disposal - $5.00

    Tired of carrying around all the useless items in your inventory, use this command to dispose of the items! **be aware, any item you put in the disposal will disappear, don't lose the precious items you want to keep!**

    PTime - $5.00

    /ptime <time>
    Use this command to change the time of day you see!​

    PWeather - $5.00

    /pweather <weather>
    Use this command to change the weather you see! Rain or sun, always see what you want!​

    Sit - $5.00

    Feet tired from running back and forth to your farm? Use /sit to sit on a stairs block, and kick up your feet for a little while! **NOTE: Please do not log off in /sit. There is a chance you will die upon logging back in.**

    Fill - $5.00

    /fill water or /fill lava
    Fill an empty bucket in your hand with water or lava instantly!

    Hat - $5.00

    While holding the item you want, use this command to wear that item on your head!​

    Near - $10.00

    Use this command to see who is near you! **This command is only available in the Main and Mining worlds**​

    Backpack - $10.00

    This feature allows you to open a shulker box in your inventory without placing it on the ground. Instantly gain 27 more spots of inventory without the need to do any commands!​

    Backpack+ - $25.00

    /ec or /ender
    This feature allows you to bring an enderchest with you anywhere you go! Use this to instandly gain 27 spots of inventory without risking losing your items from death while they are inside your enderchest. This can be used in ANY world!​

    Unlimited LWC - $20.00

    While not a command, this perk allows you to lock as many doors/chests/blocks as you want! there is no limit to your possibilities!​

    Nickname - $25.00

    /nick (nickname)
    Use this command to give yourself a nickname in game! **PLEASE NOTE: Your nickname must be appropriate and follow server rules**

    Nickname+ - $25.00

    You can now also use color codes in your nickname! Minecraft color codes as well as hex codes work!

    Fly - $100.00

    Use this command to soar the skies of your nation. Available at speed 1 only, you can fly around your nation for an easier way to transport yourself from one place to another. **This command is only available in the Main world**​
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