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  • Colored Signs - $10.00
    Ability to use color codes and modify the text on the signs. Use /colors for a list of available colors/edits you can make for the signs.​

    Glow - $10.00
    Surround yourself with a white glow, to show your superiority​
    Glow+ - $10.00
    /glow <color>
    /glow gui
    Expand your glow horizons, and change the color of your glow to reflect your own personality! Use /glow gui to pull up a menu to choose your new glow color, or if you already know the color just type out /glow <color>!​
    Nickname - $25.00
    /nick <name>
    Tired of your name? Just want a change? use /nick to temporarily change your name! You may only nickname yourself in the color of your rank!​
    Nickname+ - $25.00
    /nick <name>
    With this upgrade, you can change the color of your nickname using Hex codes!!!​
    Custom Tag - $50.00
    Tired of just having basic ranks? want to look cool? use THIS thread to apply for your new rank... then after approval (24-48hr) you can purchase the tag and be one of a kind, on Imperia.​

    Head Database - $100.00
    /hdb search <search>
    Spice up your builds buy gaining access to Head Database! This will allow you to spawn in different heads that you can use to add to your builds and add another level to your town!​
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