Nation 4: Gaia

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  • Nation 4: Gaia
    Founded: November 22nd, 2020
    Leader Chancellor Paranoid_Devil
    2nd-In-Command GoldenCactus_
    Basic Info
    Government Unitary State
    Ship The Herald of Hope
    Other Names Nation 4
    Religion Unknown

    The Colony

    Colonization started as a small group of people who left Imperia for their new land. On the ship the Herald of Hope they sailed for many days and many nights. Captain Blythe steered them carefully until finally they arrived at beautiful shore of their Future Nation.

    The Battle for Colony Leader

    Empress Revan to bring order to the colonies started a tournament that all official colonists of Colony 4 could compete in. Strongpelt, Zedoker, and RoBuilder15 were the only ones not on board with what appeared to be a push for Doug_Dimmadome's leadership. Still wanting to appease Imperia, plus a few who did not wish to submit to Doug_Dimmadome's rule, the colonists competed.

    Each archer took their stance at the official Imperia Archery range and began to fire. Some arrows flew true, while others missed wildly. Following the archery contest, all competitors took to the horse race track. Again, everything went as expeted by her majesty.

    It was, however, at the sumo tournament that things went off the rails. Her Majesty had provided each participant with knock back 3 sticks and expected a fair battle. The fair battle never came to be however as everyone turned on Zedoker, RoBuilder15, and Strongpelt. Each were taken out in succession, however Strongpelt held her own for as long as she could.

    The final shock came from the PvP battle. Each competitor put on their armor and stood ready for battle. It was then, when the Empress said, "Fight" that their true plan came out. In a lopsided battle, each member of the opposition to Doug_Dimmadome's leadership were taken out. In the end Doug_Dimmadome and Paranoid_Devil stood against eachother. Yet, even Paranoid_Devil could not hold his own against Doug_Dimmadome's might. As Paranoid_Devil fell to the ground, Empress Revan announced the winner of the tournament was Doug_Dimmadome.

    The Birth of Gaia

    Upon gaining a high enough population, Gaia was offered partial freedom from Imperia. They would still have some protections from Imperia, including from the invasion of foreign lands, however, Imperia also wanted them to find their own way. Gaia was thus offered the right to make their own laws and enforce them as they saw fit. Gaia had already been hard at work building a future for themselves and deciding what their laws and rules would be. They created a guillotine for those who break the law and prepared the start of their Nation as a dock. The Dock sprawled around Gaia's land with houses popping up, taverns, and storage. Their team work and perseverance has truly shown to be a strong suit of theirs.

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