Nation 3: USSR2

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  • Nation 3: USSR2: Electric Boogaloo
    Founded: November 22nd, 2020
    Leader Countess DrowningInPizza
    2nd-In-Command _imCj
    Basic Info
    Government Constitutional Monarchy
    Ship The Romulus
    Other Names Nation 3
    Religion Unknown

    The Colony

    Colonization started as a small group of people who left Imperia for their new land. On the ship the Romulus they sailed for many days and many nights. Captain Mathias steered them to a fantastical land with mushrooms the size of trees and upon seeing the land, steered the ship near the sandy shore.

    The Battle for Colony Leader

    Empress Revan to bring order to the colonies started a tournament that all official colonists of Colony 3 could compete in. Colony 3, was very confused on what Government they wished to have or who should lead and the Empress' contest provided the easiest solution. Some members, wished Anarchy, others Democracy, and more still wished to explore Communism. Thus the contest was heated.

    Each contestant tried their hardest to win in what appeared to be a true contest of battle and wit. Ultimately, Pauldersgate was found be the ultimate victory.

    The Birth of USSR2

    Upon gaining a high enough population, USSR2: Electric Boogaloo was offered partial freedom from Imperia. They would still have some protections from Imperia, including from the invasion of foreign lands, however, Imperia also wanted them to find their own way. USSR 2 was thus offered the right to make their own laws and enforce them as they saw fit. USSR 2, unlike the other Nations decided to become a Communist country. Their Leader, Chairman Pauldersgate had a Constitutional Convention and seem intent on allowing their members to give advice and thoughts on the Nations future.

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