Nation 2: Rivendell

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  • Nation 2: Rivendell
    Founded: November 22nd, 2020
    Leader President xpurexcorex
    2nd-In-Command Kimi2qt
    Basic Info
    Government Democracy
    Ship The Mourning Star
    Other Names Nation 2
    Religion Unknown

    The Colony

    Colonization started as a small group of people who left Imperia for their new land. On the ship the Mourning Star they sailed for many days and many nights. Captain Karotte steered them carefully as he could, however due to some poor weather, their ship was ultimately damaged in transit. They ultimately arrived upon the shores of their future Colony only a little worse for wear.

    The Battle for Colony Leader

    Empress Revan to bring order to the colonies started a tournament that all official colonists of Colony 2 could compete in. Her Majesty's efforts were ultimately in vain as the Colony had already chosen their leader. Unlike some colonies, there seemed to be no doubt among them who would be in charge. Yet, the contest still began.

    The archery contest appeared to start normally. Each archer took their stance at the official Imperia Archery range and began to fire. Some arrows flew true, while others missed wildly. The true shock came when one of the contestants, in what appeared to be an act of defiance against Imperia, or maybe just a dislike for the official commentator, Paranoid_Devil, he took fire upon the commentator.

    Following the archery contest, all competitors took to the horse race track. In a confusing turn of events, and again possibly an act of defiance to the crown, half the competitors took their horses the wrong direction on the race track. Ultimately though, Bibbityjo, took first place while the other competitors had to be located and escorted off the track.

    At this point, the crown was worried of how the remaining contests would proceed, but stood strong. The Sumo contest began with all contestants armed with knock back 3 sticks. Upon the Empress saying "Fight," however, all contestants threw their sticks upon the ground and began a fist fight. The battle was shocking but ultimately the death of their opponents was considered an acceptable conclusion.

    The final shock came from the PvP battle. Each competitor was given weapons and armor but no one donned it. Instead, they whipped out their bows and began to shoot themselves with the bow. This continued until one of them turned their bow on another. In the end though, Chundi_Jr found herself the rightful, and seemingly inevitable leader of Colony 2.

    The Birth of Rivendell

    Upon gaining a high enough population, Rivendell was offered partial freedom from Imperia. They would still have some protections from Imperia, including from the invasion of foreign lands, however, Imperia also wanted them to find their own way. Rivendell was thus offered the right to make their own laws and enforce them as they saw fit. Thus, the creation of the first Rivendell Constitution came into play Among their interesting laws, they laid out the plan for a Monthly Purge. Their Leader, Goddess Chundi, seemed to believe that if given a monthly outlet for their violent tendancies, violence would occur less frequently.

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