[Contract] Legal Ownership of Mayor Town

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Oct 19, 2020


Users Involved in this Contract:


General Purpose of Contract:

Transferring legal ownership of @GIGeorge's Mayor town.

I (the contract initiator) agree to the following terms, and agree that my failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract,.
  • I, @DrowningInPizza will ensure that the appropriate signs are placed in the corners of the town and the appropriate information needed to create the town is relayed to @GIGeorge (Name of town/coordinates) within 24 hours of this contracts approval.
  • I, @DrowningInPizza will file for a Town Ownership Transfer within 6 months of the town being placed down.
The other user(s) involved with this contract must agree to the following terms:
  • @DrowningInPizza will become the legal owner of the town
  • @GIGeorge will apply for any town features that are needed on the town until the time when a town transfer is filed.
  • @GIGeorge may not remove @DrowningInPizza as region owner for any reason.
  • @GIGeorge will file a Mayor application within 24 hours after receiving the information for the town, and will add @DrowningInPizza as a region owner of the new town within 24 hours of the Mayor application's approval.
  • This contract can be used as proof for an official town transfer application or town claim application of @GIGeorge Mayor town, which will be filed by @DrowningInPizza at a later time, as stated above.
I agree that the terms in this contract are subject to all of Tales of Imperias's rules, including the rules listed specifically in this forum. I understand that the contents of this contract are subject to staff assessment, review and approval before it is a binding contract under Tales of Imperia's rules. I accept that action may not be taken in case of a breach of contract if appropriate and sufficient evidence is not provided of such.:

, agree to the terms.
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