Contract for employee of Keka-Farms (2)

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Dec 3, 2020
The signee of this contract agrees to the terms listed below in the subcategory named "TERMS."

You will replant wheat seeds on the hoed farmland between these 4 coordinates: (-686, 68 & 67, 404) (-786, 68 & 67, 404) (-786, 68 & 67, 507) (-686, 68 & 67, 507) until the entire farm has been seeded or until the employer is satisfied.
While under the employment of Keka-Farms you will not harvest seeds or wheat, you will only replant wheat seeds.
Upon completion of the job you will be awarded 5000 Imperials.
Upon starting the job you will be given the member role within Keka-Farms and upon completion or termination you will be removed from the member role.
Interfering with the railroad, minecart, or player inside of the minecart above the farm will result in IMMEDIATE termination without pay and possible legal action.
Misconduct and/or negligence such as but not limited to griefing, stealing, or refusal to complete the job will result in forfeit of payment and possible legal action in the nation of Figos (Nation 1.)
Any legal action taken due to any breaking of laws on Keka-Farms will be deferred to the judgement of the leader or co-leader of Nation 1, depending on who is available.

The signee is entitled to these benefits while under the employ of Keka-Farms in the subcategory named "BENEFITS."

You are entitled to a substantial amount of food to stave away starvation upon request.
You are entitled to iron armor and an iron sword upon request, these items must be returned afterwards.

Contract is subject to change at any time upon which it must be agreed to again. If edits are not agreed to then immediate termination will follow.
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