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    Suggestion: Retract or resell paid lands

    There are a few issues that could arise from this, First off im assuming you mean towns, if that is the case you can't simply wipe a town and call it good, what if you have other people living in said town? Whatever they built would no longer be protected, allowing it to get griefed, which in...
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    Bug Report: RyRavioli

    Not 100% sure how things are set up presently, but I know in the past there was a "butcher" that ran if there was too many animals in a chunk. If some of your mobs are still there while the rest are gone that is likely what could be the cause. Altho ill leave it up to the current dev's who know...
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    Suggestion: Player Heads (Addition to purchase of Head Database preferred)

    Only if you can only get your own head. 100% against users being able to say spawn in my head.
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    ~Staff History Guidebook~

    GuideBook Update @DCxCyBeR has joined the development team. Seeing as the Development team does not officially seem listed as a staff member via the Official Staff listing anymore I have moved them down on the current staff list and added myself and @WeirdBuilder as previous Admin's as that...
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    Suggestion: Image to map convertion

    Image on Map causes different issues in regards to maps in general. There is no purpose to adding it to a server like this anyways personally. Regardless just my 2 cents of issues I have seen with it in prior usage. @Revanrose6 is aware of these.
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    Bug Report: pauldersgate

    @Revanrose6 chances are health was already low due to other circumstances, broken armor, etc. Last configuration I saw this would absolutely not be happening
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    Suggestion: Add Exp Info in Tab

    Just an FYI in order to add youll have to remove something presently there, so best find what you want to have removed :P
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    Suggestion: Australia

    seems like an absolute waste of resources at this time.
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    Suggestion: Australia

    So you are proposing that they boot up a whole new server for an additional nation for a group of users who does not exist?
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    Retirement is great. I absolute love every second of it.

    Retirement is great. I absolute love every second of it.
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    Looking for input on a new command!

    @Revanrose6 unless you wish to continue discussion on this please have locked.
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    Nation Visitation Discussion

    Any statement I made is no longer valid regarding this project and should be considered on hold until @Revanrose6 makes a statement saying otherwise.
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    ~Staff History Guidebook~

    Guidebook Update! @Pab_Jr is no longer Developer @Stolio is no longer Owner @SirHenryAvery is no longer Owner @MadieLake is no longer Owner its been a great ride yall!
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    ~Staff History Guidebook~

    GuideBook Update; @Neecoalage is no longer moderator - Thank you for everything you have done to support the server, the users, and the staff team. You will be very greatly missed. I hope we see you back in a staff position soon <3
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    Resolved Bug Report: _imCj

    Verified this issue is now resolved.