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Oct 11, 2020

Nation Leadership and Basic Information​

Nation Name: Kypros

Previous Nation Name: Figos, Rivendell

Type of Government: Totalitarian Democracy

Nation Leader: @kimi2QT

2nd in Command: @TomKFC

Immigration Officer: @EB_XD


Judicial Officer: @Azeril

Nation Staff Team:

Sheriff: TBD

Nation Upgrades:​

Expansion 1: http://talesofimperia.com/forums/in...xpansion-application-nation-2-rivendell.1740/

Nation Warps:​

Credits: 1

Active Warps:​

National Funds:​

USD: $50

Wiki Pages:​

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Oct 11, 2020
Citizen - having the rank [Colonist] or higher.
Denizen -A person visiting or living in Kypros.
Deserter - A person 14+ days offline not living in a town.
Nation leader -The person voted into the highest position of power. They guide the nation's
development, and nurture relations with other nations. (Currently [ArchSage])
Treasurer -The person in charge of tax collection. They may have other duties assigned to them by the nation leader.
Judicial Officer -The person in charge of the sheriffs. They keep a record of crimes, fines, and help with issues between nation Staff and Denizens.
Sheriff -Nation staff that resolve issues between Denizens. They also issue warnings, mutes, fines, and jail time for rule breaking.

Constitution of Kypros

Article 1 - Authoritative power
1A: The nation leader has absolute legislative power, and may change the Laws of Kypros with proper 3 day notice via discord or forums.
1B: The nation leader may remove/appoint any member from the government with or without reason unless the server rules state otherwise.
1C: Enforcement of nation laws may require the collection of evidence from involved parties.
1C.i: Insufficient evidence may result in no punishments

Article 2 - Grief
2A: Grief within a protected area (A town or any “Public works”) is illegal, and subject to punishment.
2B: Public works may include builds in the mining, nether, end and main worlds and will be CLEARLY marked out by the nation leader.
2B.i: Removal of signage declaring an area as Public works is considered grief > 20 blocks.
2C: All above ground farms must be presentable and look natural within the context of the build. Large scale farms must be built underground.
2D: All resource collecting is to be done in /warp mining, nether or end.
2E: Unprotected structures owned by Deserters are subject to removal by nation staff or authorized persons.
2E.i The authorize persons will have a contract issued by the nation leader on the forums which may be used as evidence of authorization. Only if the terms have been accepted by them.

Article 3 - Theft
3A: Stealing from chests within towns is strictly prohibited.
3B: Stealing in the wild is frowned upon, but allowed outside public works.

Article 4 - PvP Combat
4A: PvP will be disabled in the Main and Mining worlds.
4B: Killing is prohibited outside of the Nether and End, even through indirect means, is prohibited.
4C: Killing a Citizen in clearly marked Public works is illegal, therefore subject to punishment with appropriate evidence

Article 5 - Taxation
5A: The Treasurer collects taxes from all Kypros inhabitants. Taxes will be collected once a month and will be due by the 28th of each month.
5B: Tax amounts are subject to change, depending on the needs of the nation. A month's notice will be given for any increases.
Taxes owed as of July 2021 are as follows:
  • Colonists: 3,000 IMP per month
  • Landlords: 10,000 IMP per month
  • Mayors: 15,000 IMP per month
  • Governors: 20,000 IMP per month
  • Barons: 25,000 IMP per month
5C: These taxes may be spent by the nation leader for any reason they so desire.
5E: Tax exemptions may be given at the discretion of the nation leader.
5E.i [Colonist] that cannot generate enough income for taxes may contribute to ongoing nation projects in exchange for tax exemption. This can only be done once and they are still obligated to pay taxes in the future. The nation is not required to have projects to be worked on at any given time. If there are no current projects tax exemption cannot be used.

5F: If a person expects to be less active or has an emergency situation which would prevent them from paying taxes. They should speak with the Treasurer to negotiate alternatives. The Treasurer is not required to reach an alternative agreement.

Article 6 - Immigration
6A: Immigration apps will be processed by the current Immigration Officer of Kypros or the nation leader if the officer is unavailable.
6B: Applicants must be patient during this time period for their application to be processed.
6C: Players with a criminal record in their current nation, may be subject to a Visa Fee of up to 100,000 IMP or a denied application. This is at the discretion of the nation leader.

Article 7 - International Affairs
7A: Citizens are prohibited from declaring, or threatening to declare, war with another nation.
7B: The following are banned from international sales (sold outside of the nation):
  • Event items, enchantments and currency.
  • Task Tokens
  • Emeralds (unless approved by the nation leader)
Article 8 - Judicial System and Punishments
8A: The nation leader and all nation staff are responsible for upholding and enforcing the nation's laws as they see fit.
8B: Trials for rule-breaking are to be held by the nation leader, Judicial Officer, or the Sheriff within the courtroom via /ch l or via /mail if the accused is unavailable. The trial overseer must provide screenshots, chat logs or video of the trial.
8C: Punishments for various infractions will be as follows:

1st offence: 10,000 IMP Fine OR 30min Jail
2nd offence: 20,000 IMP Fine OR 1 hour Jail
3rd offence: 1 hour Jail OR Deportation

Grief <20 blocks:
1st offence: 5,000 IMP Fine OR 10 min Jail
2nd offence: 10,000 IMP Fine OR 1 hour Jail
3rd offence: 20,000 IMP Fine OR Deportation

Grief >20 blocks:
1st offence: 10,000 IMP Fine OR 1 hour Jail
2nd offence: 20,000 IMP Fine OR 1 hour Jail
3rd offence: Deportation

1st offence: 10,000 IMP fine OR 10 minute jail
2nd offence: 20,000 IMP fine OR 1 hour jail
3rd offence: 1 hour jail OR Deportation

Failed attempt to overthrow nation leader:
Fine(s) up to 300k total or deportation.

Criminals, immigrating to Kypros:
Up to 100,000 IMP Fee OR Fee exemption from the nation leader

Tax Evasion (refusing to pay):
1st offence: Double tax fine
2nd offence: Double tax fine
3rd offence: Deportation

Failure to pay taxes on time
1st Offence: 10,000 IMP fine + original tax amount
2nd Offence: 10,000 IMP fine + original tax amount and 1 hour jail
3rd Offence: Deportation

Article 9 - Inactivity and Land Ownership
9A Locked chests/built structures in the wild may be removed after 14 days of inactivity.
9A.iThe first citizen to report a deserter’s locked chest coordinates in the wild to the nation leader via /mail will have primary looting rights. If the citizen is not online to collect the items they will be moved to shulker box(es) at the donation center. And held there up to 3 days; following that period, items will be considered nation property.
9B Town placements may be subject to approval by the nation leader.
9C All towns by default are owned in part by the nation. Private ownership will be granted on a case-by-case basis. (nation leader must be added as owners)
9D Any large farm that is not part of a town’s aesthetics must be underground. All multi-level farms must be built underground.
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