Mute Appeal: _muddybladezs_

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Aug 12, 2021

What are you filing?
Mute Appeal

Have you changed your username since you were muted? If so, what is your new username?
No I have not.

Why were you muted?
I have been spamming sand and was cursing and making loud sounds in the server voice chat and in general. I have spammed chat and cursed (Probally) in the minecraft server.)

Please explain in your own words what rule you violated.
I have violated the chat messages by spamming. And i have violated the persons rights/act from cursing at them hurting their feelings. I regret what i did.

Why should you be unmuted?
I regretted what i have done i wont spam anymore or make loud noises. I am actually really sorry. i want to be unmuted so i can chat tomorrow on my birthday.

Additional Information
I would like to be unmuted on the discord and minecraft server please.


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Oct 19, 2020

Thank you for filing an appeal.
Your spam chat in game, as I'm sure you now understand, is not something we're going to tolerate. You were warned on multiple occasions to stop spamming, and argued that with at least myself, but possibly other staff as well. This is completely unacceptable. The moderators are there to enforce rules, and when you are being warned, you are not to be arguing back. I am going to be unmuting you in game, but understand that the more we have to punish you, the quicker and more severely we will.

As for Discord, and honestly I was tempted to deny your entire appeal for this, you filed an app to get unmuted.. and then proceeded to spam in a channel that no one talks in so I'm sure you could have figured out you weren't meant to, and bypassed your discord mute to do so. For this reason, I will not be unmuting you in Discord. You may file another appeal in 24 hours, during which time I'd suggest having a read of our server rules again, so that we don't run into these issues in the future.

Unmuted in Game/Mute Appeal denied for Discord
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