Trophies awarded to DOUG_DIMMADOME

  1. 50

    One of us!

    Awarded for posting 100 messages on Imperia's Forum. Phew, thats a lot of posting!
  2. 25

    Member of Imperia!

    Awarded for being on the Imperia Forums at least 30 days!
  3. 25


    Oh boy! You really like talking! Awarded for posting 50 times!
  4. 150


    Congrats on getting Governor!
  5. 100


    Congrats on getting Mayor!
  6. 50


    Congrats on getting Landlord!
  7. 5


    Awarded for receiving a positive reaction on one of your posts!
  8. 25


    Congrats on getting Colonist!
  9. 5

    Imperia Citizen!

    Awarded for being on the Imperia forums for at least a day!
  10. 10

    Decked out!

    Awarded for customizing your account with a custom forum picture!
  11. 5

    First post!

    Start your journey into Imperia with your first post!
  12. 5

    Welcome to Imperia!

    Awarded for joining the Imperia Forums! May your journey be fun!