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  • Network Rules​

    Section 1 - General Gameplay

    Clause 1 - Usernames & Skins​

    Clause 1.1 - Inappropriate Usernames​

    Inappropriate, offensive or vulgar usernames are not allowed on the server. This is handled at staff's discretion. If your username is deemed to be inappropriate, you will be asked to log off until you can change it. Failure to do so may result in removal from our services until it is fixed.

    Clause 1.2 - Inappropriate Skins​

    Inappropriate, offensive, or vulgar skins are not allowed on the server. This is handled at staff's discretion. If your skin is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to log off and change it. If you refuse to do so, you will be banned until it is fixed. Once you have fixed it please file a ban appeal.

    Clause 2 - Harassment​

    Harassment is any action that constitutes the following:
    • Repeatedly contacting/bothering someone after they have told you not to
    • Bullying someone publicly or privately on any Imperia service.
    • Doxxing, revealing another user's personally identifiable information without explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to:
      • Names
      • Social Media Accounts
      • Photographs
      • Location
      • Other Online Identities
      • Email
      • IP
      • Phone Number

    Clause 3 - Trolling/Flamebaiting/Falsifying information​

    Clause 3.1 - Trolling/Flamebaiting​

    Trolling/Flamebaiting is not allowed and will be handled accordingly at staff discretion. It includes but is not limited to:
    • Purposefully enraging or upsetting players
    • causing general chaos on the server to create a negative environment

    Clause 3.2 - Falsifying/Misrepresenting Evidence​

    Using any system to create fake evidence or using evidence in a misleading manner is unacceptable and will be considered a severe form of trolling.

    Clause 4 - Scamming and Attempted Scamming​

    Clause 4.1 - Scamming​

    Scamming is illegal. Scamming is defined as not upholding your side of an agreement, even though the other side has.

    Clause 4.2 - Attempted Scamming​

    Attempting to scam people, even if it fails, is not allowed

    Clause 4.3 - Auction Scamming​

    Abusing the auction channel to trick people into paying more than something is worth via renaming an item, or any other false advertising will be treated as scamming or attempted scamming*

    Clause 4.4 - Breach of Contract​

    Any official contract created in the Contract Section of the forum and approved by the staff of Imperia is enforceable. As such any breach of that contract will result in a ban.

    Clause 5 - Gameplay​

    Clause 5.1 - X-Raying​

    Using any bug, modification, texture pack, hacked client, or any other method to X-Ray through the land will result in an account wipe, reset, or even permanent removal from Imperia services.

    Clause 5.2 - Hacked Clients and Illegal Modifications​

    Hacked Clients & Illegal client-side modifications are strictly prohibited. Using either of these can result in an account wipe, reset, or even permanent removal from Imperia services.

    Clause 5.3 - Exploiting Bugs/Glitches​

    Abusing any glitch or bug created by a plugin or natural minecraft is strictly prohibited. Doing so can result in an account wipe, reset, or even permanent removal from Imperia services. If you find a glitch or bug, you are required to immediately report this to an Admin + via forum message, or in-game PM.

    Clause 5.4 - Sale of In-Game Currency or Goods​

    The sale of in-game currency or Goods for USD or things in other games is strictly prohibited. The only exception for this would be the sale of an Imperia purchasable feature(s) for in-game money.

    Clause 5.5 - Feature Abuse​

    Any abuse of any feature purchased with in-game money or USD is subject to potential removal. Further abuse of features can result in a ban or permanent removal from Imperia services.

    Clause 5.6 - Evidentiary Rules​

    Evidence submitted for any reason (Including but not limited to LWC Removals, Complaints, Appeals, Deportations) must come from either the forums or in-game with timestamps.
    Evidence from any outside sources, including all forms of alternative communication (Discord, Text messages, Emails, etc) will not be considered appropriate evidence for any reason.

    Clause 6 - Chat Rules​

    Clause 6.1 - Cursing​

    Cursing is not outright banned unless it is excessive or directed at another person. However, inflammatory or derogatory language will be left to staff discretion.

    Clause 6.2 - Spamming​

    Chat Spam: Repeated use of characters, words, or multi-lined messages is not allowed.
    Lotto Spam: Purchasing more than 5 tickets in rapid succession is considered lotto spam, please give time in between purchases so as not to spam.

    Clause 6.3 - Inappropriate Subjects​

    These Subjects are either highly restricted or outright banned depending on the topic. The staff team has full discretion to determined if something is an inappropriate subject even if that subject is not explicitly listed below.
    Globally Banned Subjects: These subjects are banned from any global channel including Nation & Skyblock chats. They are however allowed within private & local channels:
    Server Wide Banned Subjects: These subjects are not tolerated anywhere on our services:
    Criminal Activity
    Racist Language
    Prejudicial Language
    Sexual Activity

    Clause 6.5 - Foreign Languages​

    As an English-speaking server, we do not allow foreign languages in global channels. You may speak other languages in private channels, private messages as well as local chat (as long as you are not in spawn).

    Clause 6.6 - Inappropriate Links​

    Any link to websites meant to jumpscare, startle, scam, or otherwise offend or harm people are strictly prohibited. Advertising other servers are also not allowed, You may discuss other servers in private but posting the IP's or links will result in a ban from Imperia services.

    Clause 6.7 Backseat Moderating​

    Helping other players is highly encouraged, however publicly threatening players or exposing wrong-doing is not allowed. Instead, contact a staff member if you believe someone is doing something wrong, or take screenshots and file a complaint.

    Clause 7 - Statute of Limitations​

    Clause 7.1 - Definition​

    A statute of limitations is a period of time after which law cannot be enforced for that specific crime. In relation to the server, severe offenses will still be considered after the specified time on a case-by-case basis. This section will be applied in general though

    Clause 7.2 - Grief​

    Grief reports must be filed within 7 days of the grief occurring as digging through log block any further is difficult, However, exceptions can be made for extensive grief (ie: more than 5000 blocks) assuming logs can be checked, and staff can piece together what happened.

    Clause 7.3 - Chat Violations​

    General violations of chat must be reported within 7 days of the incident in order for staff to handle it. Sever violations of our chat rules such as repeated harassment or severe harassment may be reported and handled at any time.

    Clause 7.4 - Fair Play Violations​

    Any violation of our fair play rules can be reported up to a year after they happened, however, please note that the longer you wait, the harder it becomes for us to verify and enforce these violations.

    Clause 7.5 - Scamming​

    Incidents of scamming may be reported up to a year after the event occurs. Anything beyond a year will be considered a loss.
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